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The development of innovative communication solutions and valuation of a brand, product or identity requires an increasingly bet on technologies which seduce consumers, providing experiences that convey the message under a fun and exciting way.

Currently, multimedia contents are undoubtly ubiquitous, but if not innovative, there will be resistance in communication, since this medium always resorts to the same type of presentations and technologies.

To this extent, we are aware that a special attention is clearly needed with regard to the presentation and interaction with new media, as well as to bet on innovation and to create an outstanding factor of differentiation.

In order to be able to compete and to stand out itself from its direct market competitors, and to continue to keep on rendering and offering innovative services/products to its customers - some of them market leaders in their segment -, the company Projecto Capital decided to develop new exhibition and interaction solutions with multimedia contents, which go beyond the traditional viewing platforms including the projection screen, flatpannel, or the traditional multimedia kiosk.

Therefore, and as example, one of the above-mentioned solutions enables the viewing of a platform, permitting that an object or the environment where it is exhibited be a surface of visualization and interaction.

Combining a projection system with augmented reality techniques, the concept is to permit interactive games where an object is decorated with images, and digital videos with the user’s participation.

The users are now able to “paint” the contents of the object or the environment where it is exhibited.

Aware of the technological aspects involved on these solutions, the company Projecto Capital requested to TecMinho, an interface of Minho’s University, the outsourcing of R&TD services, in order to enable a privileged access to the Information Systems Department, a R&D reference of excellence in the field of scientific-technological development.

Under Development Projects

A PROJECTO CAPITAL - COMUNICAÇÃO E IMAGEM UNIPESSOAL, LDA, is developing under the Incentive System Qualification and Internationalisation of SMEs , a project Internationalization , supported by AICEP . The project represents an investment of 135,750.00 and runs from September 2013 to June 2015, mainly targeting the international growth through the diversification of customers and markets , fostering the creation of an export dynamics.