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Artigiano en Feria

Participation in the World Biggest Handicraft Fair.

CEE - Gifts

Design and Production of VIP Gifts for CEE.

Angola's Embassies

Creation and Production of Tableware for Angola's Embassies.

TAAG - Angola Airlines

Creation and Production of Merchandising for TAAG - Angola Airlines.

Welwitchia Magazine

Magazine Design and Production for the Angola's Embassy in Germany.

Angola's Publications

Publications about the law on private investment and public-private partnerships.

Embassy of Angola in Swiss

Embassy of Angola in Swiss

Madeira - Santa Cruz

Photography Exhibition "Discover Santa Cruz" Inner and Outer House of …

Madeira - Santa Cruz

Turistic Brochure about Santa Cruz - Madeira

São Tomé e Príncipe

Tourist Map and Merchandising for Trade Tourism in Madrid, Lisbon …

Welcome to Projecto Capital

We are a company with a registered trademark, specialized in image, communication and media solutions, especially for internet, multimedia, graphics and industrial design, marketing and consulting.

Given the new market challenges, the image and the means used to promote and disseminate it are decisive and crucial in attracting and retaining potential and existing customers.

Being able to work anywhere in the world with a special emphasis in Europe, our mission is to propose means and communication solutions to our customers, tailored to every event or happening, boosting your business and putting your brand in a prominent place, through our wide experience, always striving for distinction and personalization of our services.

Located in Southern Europe, bordering Africa, Portugal geographically occupies a

special place as Europe's doorstep, being a member country of the European Unionas well as the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries, the international organization which integrate other countries like Brazil, Angola, East Timor, Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique, a community with approximately 280 million Portuguese speakers, the fifth most spoken language in the world.


We are at the forefront of the latest information technologies and trends in design and information, always with the goal of doing well today and even better tomorrow.

We are also holders of the brand Inter4view.com solutions and digital art, which highlights the painting that was present in Lisbon, London, Azores, Milan and among other places.


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Projecto Capital and Vista Alegre

Projecto Capital and Vista Alegre Partner up to supply Tableware with "Brasão de Armas" the Embassies of Angola.


TAAG - Angola Airlines

Projecto Capital makes the design and production of merchandising to TAAG - Angola Airlines Europe.


Madeira - Santa Cruz

Projecto Capital makes the design and production of the interior and exterior photographs of the exhibition "Discover Santa...


New Minister of Economy was delighted wi…

The new Minister of Economy of Portugal, Alvaro Santos Pereira in his first public appearance occurred in the...


São Tomé e Príncipe Turism

Tourism S. Tome and Principe awards Tourist Map and merchandising materials to distribute ecological fairs Lisbon, Madrid and...


Lorm viagens ANGOLA

Gave us the production of layers of tickets and your new stationary.


ITP Inter4View partner at WTM

Inter4View - Brand Project Capital solutions for digital art, attended the WTM - WorldTravel Market in London as...


Projecto Capital was awarded in VII CPLP…

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Angola through the Technical Preparatory Committee of the Eighth Conference of Heads...


Painting was present at EXPO Santa Maria…

In a joint promotionbetween the Chamber of Commerce and Project Capital Ponta Delgada solution digital painting was present...


Under Development Projects

A PROJECTO CAPITAL - COMUNICAÇÃO E IMAGEM UNIPESSOAL, LDA, is developing under the Incentive System Qualification and Internationalisation of SMEs , a project Internationalization , supported by AICEP . The project represents an investment of 135,750.00 and runs from September 2013 to June 2015, mainly targeting the international growth through the diversification of customers and markets , fostering the creation of an export dynamics.